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Dr Alan Jones NLP Trainer BSc; PhD; NLPEA; IHA; 

Dr Alan Jones has close to 30 years of teaching experience in London and Cornwall across a range of subjects.

He is an inspirational trainer who is able to translate his extensive theoretical knowledge into effective, practica classroom strategies and has won two Innovation Awards for Education as well as an Inspiring Human Potential Award for Personal and Spiritual Development.

Alan is an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer and now consults on performance coaching, emotional intelligence, behaviour and motivational issues, peer mentoring, leadership and accelerated learning within both the educational and business communities.
Co-Founder and Director of Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick which not only seeks to explore the nature of tarnspersonal experience, but asoects of non-traditional spirituality.

Director and Lead Trainer with Inspire NLP
Co-Founder and Director of Hearts & Minds, Learning and Development cic which seeks to focus its work on mental and emotional health and well-being.
NLP, Hypnotherapy & TransPersonal Approaches

Personal Coaching & Therapy 
Solutions Focus Approaches

Contact Alan Directly : 07714 323 934

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